Sunday, March 16, 2008

SUNDAE INTERNUDE: bum2008 is kambing, Mayday! Mayday!

Sundae Interlude: at a Nudists' Camp? WHERE? WHEN?

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bennyloh said...

Hey Desi, I am a school dropout so my english language can be bad, but after reading three and a half times I still don't know when is BUM 2008 going to be held.

No I have no interest in nudist camp-
I am a sagging old man.

desiderata said...


Miss Patience is also Ms Virtuous -- the post is just a TEAser -- I am into Puerh tea recently, so your knot getting IT is meant to be a victim of DDC. Ask Helen our super-B designer of bum2008 above --like it? Nolah, you do not sag, we Bloggers just TAG-along for a VK-tion at De Lake View-lah!:)

Come back on Monday 24 March 2008 and you will get all the d'tails about BUM2008. Have FUN-d! ~~ Desi,knottyaSsusual:)