Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BUM2008 Achieves Full Attendance!

Theoretically speaking, according to our Treasurer, Sdr Tony Yew, with a s=mile so wide I could see it from Furong, some 70km from Petaling Jaya.

To convert theory to Reality Show, those 30-odd sign-ups who have pledged to pay, please turn up punctually at 2.15PM May 1 at the Lake View, to prevent palpitations rising in Tony's and Desi's hearts. Soft, not hard.

Theoretically, the magic number of 110 of Registrants was more than attained by about 10.00pm the day before D-Day which is May the First -- Labour Day, marking Bloggers' Universe Malaysia (BUM) 2008 Gathering at Lake View, Subang Jaya.

As Chair, Desiderata, knottyaSsusual, told a happy Tony Yew, whom I dubbed our MoneyMan to one caller who was numbered about 120, that he has led an A-teAm in accomplishing the Marketing Mission for BUM2008. "On behalf of all in awe, Syabas!"

Theoretically, the 10 or so late-signups, 24 hours after COB the day before Yesterady --hey, why are Malaysians such diehard addicts of being late, ah? -- might have to stand from 3.00pm to 8.30pm except for the Hi-Tea break and of course, when two lost lambs return to Warren Buffets' tabel to declare that dinner starts punctually at 8.30PM. I just bought a nu'e watch from Chee Cheong Kai, just testing the saiko market. Oops, Seiko! I don wanna the Japanese tycoons to sue the BUM2008 Organising Committee!

So to all comers -- Bloggers and non-, and Bloggers-to-be or not to be, that's the question, plagiarising The Bard -- ENJOY YOURSELF OKAY! Don't let any leg of the two lambs run away!

I did promise you won't regret signing on for BUM2008; after tomorrow, you would come back, like Oliver, or Olivia, asking for more. Or amore!:)

Thanks for the support, see ya very soon. I'm having FUN-d already, at thy expense;) -- Desi
12.42am, May the First, your day, my day, OUR day!

"DEAR ALL: Please send us the LINKS to any Posts you will write, I am sure, about this HAP Bloggers' Event of the Year. If any problem, email our Webmaster"


UPDATEd at Hi-Noon D-Day After!: TWO UPPERS and wan Downer!

UPPER1:)The Reality Attendance was a lusty 170, with 130 paying Guests which means VVVVVVVe exceeded our tArget by 20! Next year Rocky's A-teAm from ALL-BLOGS will have to look for a LARGER VENURE -- to cater for 300?

UPPER2: As I read theSun today, page 10, I was happily greAted by this news break. (At BUM2008 partee, I had shared with some MSM and non-MSM mates that I always enjoyed covering former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Love/like or hate him, he's colourful, fool of wit and byteing sarcasm, enough to rival RPK's (and of course, claiming greAtnurse by a(R)s(E)ociation, Desi's!)

Meet blogger
aka Dr M

PS: If you have to ask who this chedet is, please come toBUM2009, pay RM50+, ++ for tuition f(R)ee!


DOWNER wan!:(

Received this sms from fellow BUM2008 OC ANCIENT MARINER aka Capt Yusof Ahmad, member at 10.38AM, and I waited to post this ringing around for more information, but could not get much more, so be patient okay! Will update when we get substantive details!

"Latest development:
6 Policemen are
in Raja Petra's
house. Pls pass
the word!! (from
............(name of Blogger
wit'held until I get clearanz--Desi:).

Stay tuned ...


Cut&Paste from mGf sailing the Hi-Cs at

"Friday, 2 May 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin's six surprise vistors
Police at RPK's HouseSomething Stinks in the State of Malaysia.
Earlier this morning, the day following a very successful B. U. M. 2008 gathering which he attended with his charming wife, and spoke so eloquently, I receive news that Raja Petra Kamarudin has had six policemen visit his home, and that they had entered the premises, and as far as is known, are still there.Why they are there, and what their intentions are is not known, but surely it can not be a social call.What is happening may be slow to emerge, but will update as and when possible.Thus far there has been no news about this reported incident from any other sources.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Registration/Payment Deadline is Now APRIL 29, 2008

Please be officially informed that the CLOSING DEADLINE for REGISTRATION/PAYMENT is extended to Tuesday, April 29, 2008, at close of business 5.00PM, or at that point of time when the NUMBER OF REGISTRATIONS/PAYMENTS RECEIVED REACHES 110, whichever is earlier.

The BUM2008 Organising Committee has advised that Seating is limited, and the revised target open to Regsitration stands at 110. A dozen Media representatives have been Registered to attend. Hence, a wider coverage of the Hap Bloggers' Event of the Year is expected than last year's (REF:

Help us by signing up as soon as possible. Ask your Friends -- Blogger or non-, hopefully, Blogger-to-be! -- to sign up too!

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. -- YL Chong-Desi, Chairman, BUM2008 Organising Commitee; April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



The King of Bloggers residing at the most visited or gate-crashed cyberhome known as simply called by matey fans as "RPK" -- often mixed up with PKR, I often wonder about the connection! -- has confirmed he will be present at BUM2008 at the Lake View, Subang Jaya to celebrate Labour Day with fellow 150 Bloggers and Friends!

Yes, you heard Desi right! -- Raja Petra Kamarudin is gonna help raise the FUN-d and desibelles at the Hap Bloggers' Event of the Year with his story-telling and rumour-wining and dining which often proved later to be factual, to humour his legion of readers. As Chair, I won RPK over with a diplomatic request that he is allowed to deviate from the said Topic as long as he entertains the participants with his brand of byting sarcasm so famously engraved in reams of paper at Bukit Aman when a double Muhammad tried to trifle with a seasoned Blogger who not only could quote Shakespeare, but also the Quran from where this writer humbly continuaaly learns about Islam. I admit I also learn some 4-letter words -- like Hell and F***! Hey, spell it out for you guys thinking othervice - Fake!

Can you imagine the opponent being a confessed State CEO lacking English mastery that he could not fill up the Immigration forms properly to rationalise his departure with RM2.4million out of Ozland. Luckily for the bloke, some Oz courts also turned into kangaroo, but I digress. Except an observation that this same guy has been rewarded to Minister-level via the backdoor -- for carrying Pak Lah's bag?

So to now double state for the record, Raja Petra is that "Surprise speaker" flagged off in our earlier Post dated March 24, 2008 for the Evening Brainstormy Session. Just listening to this insider into Royalty and UMNO and Opposition goings-on, especially the shenanigans committed by self-deluded "untouchables", is worth thy RM50 investment! (Plus of course, the Lamb/s if it/they could get to Warren Buffet's table by 8.30pm on May the First, -- which is steal a rumour to humour Thee!)

So late-comers, as is won't of diehard Malaysian habit not just sighted at the nunnery, what are you waiting for? The Treasurer says the Registrations is in the last lap towards the number 110-mark. Make a dash for it, you may just break M Jegathesan's 100m sprint record! ~~ Desi

Pictures of BUM 2007 taken from Tengku Mohd Ali Bustamann's blog.

This Post was originally written on March 24, 2008. The above was UPDATED on
April 23, 2008 on receiving confirmation from reliable sources -- which is good journalism practice -- that the rumour you heard that Raja Petra Kamarudin is gate-crashing BUM2008 is now proven to be true. Okay, gate-crashing's stretching a byte -- at our OC's diplomatic overtures, he's helicoptering in!:) ~~ Desi

Yes, First of May – your day, my day, our day, unless thou a tycoon-boss be. The majority of us are earning bread-and-butter working for others -- It is safe to assume this is the case for 95 percent of Malaysians, yes?. We would happily like to be proven wrong, And if any Blogger reading this here who is also that rare multi-millionaire Boss, please contact the BUM2008 Organising Committee pronto! YES, there is such a committee labouring for at last three weeks now laying the groundwork for BUM2008 to lift off.

In one way or another, celebrating Labour Day worldwide is giving recognition to the dignity of man’s labour, to be appropriately rewarded in remuneration that can provide decent Shelter, Food and Potential Development of the Individual, and a sense of Security and Well-being, especially in a country like Malaysia which is blessed with plentiful natural resources.

So holding this year’s BUM2008 is a double celebration of sorts as it is also working towards an annual initiative to mark World Press Freedom Day, which falls in the poetic month of May. Next year, to make it three consecutive years, the National Alliance of Bloggers (AllBlogs) ideally would take on the task and challenge of organizing bum2009.

As flagged off in a TEAser Post here on Sunday March 16, 2008, bum2008 is organized by a group of Bloggers in their individual capacities in association with a relatively young organisation called the Centre for Policy Initiatives. The bum2008 Organising Committee comprises the following:


YL Chong aka Desiderata


Bernard Khoo aka Zorro

Helen Hoh, Webmaster Ipohlang who also designed the Banner above … Kudos!

Chris Chew aka mob1900 …who is famous for his lampooning posters, and will soon splash a Poster on Bum2008 that will become another Desi’s collectible!

Howsy, bum2007 Co-chair who made a last-minute re-APpearance on hearing that several APs are being offered as a Lucky draw this year, steal a rumour to humour Thee.

Other VIP Members: Liew Hui Mei, Capt Yusof Ahmad, Frances Yee,

who will welcome thee wit' broad s-miles seen even from de South China Sea. BTW, Kept de one and only Ancient Mariner in the 21st century, has promised the rest of the Commitee a cruise on his ship after bum2008 is successfoolly held once he can get it back from the Caribeen Sea!:) Meanwhile, Mei 0305 is busy scuba-diving helping the captain look for his Lost treasure, and Primrose is tending to her flowery gardnern.


RM50 per head to be paid into Treasurer TONY YEW's Bank Account; click here >> REGISTRATION & PAYMENT for payment procedure. There is limited seating for 120 attendees only, so it's on a "First-come, First-served"basis, and we hope Readers would not leave till the last minute to register.



Venue: Lake View Club, Subang Jaya

Registration: 2.15pm to 3.00pm


To be chaired by Zorro,

from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

The Topic is:

“Fostering Civil Society -- Various Voices”


Welcoming Address: YL Chong-Desi

  1. Sdr Ahirudin Attan aka rockybru,
    President, National Alliance of Bloggers

  2. Dato’ Syed Ahmad Idid,
    Ex-Judge; "Judge whose conscience divulged truth 12 years ago and now proved 'correct correct correct' via latest video-clip".

  3. Dr Azmi Sharom,

  4. Dr Lim Teck Ghee
    Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives

  5. Sdri Jacqueline Ann Surin,

Q and A: 30 minutes

____________ HI-TEA BREAK _________


To be chaired by Desi,

from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

The Topic is:

“The Fifth Estate (Bloggers) as Agency for Change”


  1. Sdr Jeff Ooi, Blogger-MP

  2. Sdr William Leong, Lawyer-MP

  3. Sdr Haris Ibrahim, Human Rights Advocate

  4. Sdr Steven Gan, Editor-in-chief,
    (Apologies: withdrawn, on Urgent Foreign Assignment)

  5. Sdr R Nadeswaran aka Citizen-Nades from theSun, award-winning investigative newshound
  6. A special Guest Speaker? CONFIRMED: Raja Petra Kamarudin

Q and A: 30-45 minutes

_____ BUFFET DINNER starts punctually at 8.30pm_____________

There will be Updates on the progress of this Bloggers’ Hap Event of the Year in Malaysia, so:

Stay tuned!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Payment & Registration

Remit RM50 per head to: Yew Wei Keat 1-12080-24112-4 Maybank.

Then Email a note to, informing date of depositing in the payment; plus advising the name/s of person/s to be Registered. If need to contact Sdr Yew, tel: 012-2138257.

On May 1, 2008 PLEASE BRING ALONG YOUR BANK RECEIPT which is treated as the ENTRY PASS to BUM2008. See ya!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

STAR Metro Spotlights - BUM 2008

Saturday April 12, 2008

Change mindset on blogging


THE negative perception about bloggers and blogging should be changed, said Centre for Policy Initiatives chief executive officer Dr Lim Teck Ghee.

Dr Lim said blogging could be seen as an alternative media to the masses.

“It provides a platform for public discourse irrespective of their background. The notion that bloggers mainly have negative intentions including bringing down the government and destroying the country's racial harmony is an erroneous view and politically motivated,” he said.

He added that most bloggers were concerned about the nation.

“Having a healthy public discourse will help unify the nation and build the country as well,” he added.

Therefore, the Centre for Policy Initiatives is organising a half-day public discourse at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya, on May 1.

The BUM2008, will carry the theme Towards A Civil Society and it will feature well-known bloggers, academician and journalists.

The afternoon session will talk about Fostering Civil Society – Various Voices with the National Alliance of Bloggers president Ahirudin Attan, ex-judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid, academician Dr Azmi Sharom, journalist Jacqueline Ann Surin as well as Dr Lim.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, lawyer-cum- Selayang MP William Leong, Human Rights Advocate Haris Ibrahim, editor-in-chief Steven Gan and journalist R. Nadeswaran will talk during the evening session.

Registration fee is RM50 per person and is limited for 120 on first come first serve basis. The fee includes buffet dinner.

For more information, log on to

Article taken from the Star.

Webmaster AweOfHelen: ERRATA ~~ should read as

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sun - Press Coverage on BUM 2008

Click on image to enlarge

Friday April 11, 2008

Taken from The Sun

Bloggers To Discuss Their Roles

by Joshua Foong

SUBANG JAYA: The increasingly relevant role of bloggers as part of the new media will be examined and built upon at “Bloggers Universe Malaysia Gathering 2008” (BUM 2008) to be held next month.

In the wake of the general election, which saw the ruling party losing its two-thirds majority and control of four states, underlining the influence of the alternative media, bloggers are gathering to discuss and re-evaluate their roles.

BUM 2008, with the theme “Towards a Civil Society” is organised by blogging individuals in association with the Centre for Policy Initiatives, to focus on building civil society via interaction among bloggers.

BUM 2008 will be held at the Lake View Club, Subang Jaya from 3pm to 8pm on May 1. The two dialogue sessions include “Fostering Civil Society: Various Voices” and “The Fifth Estate (Bloggers) as Agency for Change”.

Panel speakers are National Alliance of Bloggers president Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky, former judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid, academician Dr Azmi Sharom, and theSun deputy editor (special reporting) R. Nadeswaran aka Citizen Nades. Others are journalist Jacqueline Ann Surin, blogger-turned-MP Jeff Ooi, lawyer-MP William Leong, human rights advocate Haris Ibrahim, Malaysiakini. com editor-in-chief Steven Gan and Centre for Policy Initiatives director Dr Lim Teck Ghee.

“Bloggers are part of the growing new media. It is incumbent on the bloggers to mature along with the civil society,” said organising committee chairman Chong Yen Long.

“Although the existence of blogs in Malaysian media is still at a stage of infancy, many have recognised that blogs are a channel that cannot be ignored. This awareness is shown by leaders notably the newly appointed information minister who has laid plans to engage bloggers through dialogue,” he added.

Those wishing to attend are required to pay RM50 per head to Yew Wei Keat 1-12080-24112-4 (Maybank) and email a note to, stating the name to be registered and date of payment.

Participation is limited to 120 people. For details, call 012-9702285 or visit

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sin Chew Daily: Press Coverage on BUM2008 Press Conference dated 10th April 2008

BUM2008 Organising Committee member Ms Liew Hui Mei -- who spends many getaways at exotic islands around the world scuba-diving for ANCIENT MARINER's treasure chests -- also PRomotes the Hap Bloggers' Event of the year. Here's an UPDATE of press coverage of yesterday's Press Conference. I recognise Dr Lim TG's, but who's the other face in the picture, no resemblance to Einstein, is there? -- Desi





有關活動將配合勞工節,在5月1日下午2時15分至晚上8時,在梳邦再也Lake View俱樂部舉行,主講者包括行動黨日落洞國會議員黃泉安、公正黨士拉央國會議員梁自堅、《當今大馬》總編輯顏重慶、前高庭法官拿督賽阿末艾迪、林德義、哈里斯依布拉欣等。

有關論壇只公開給約120人,報名費50令吉(包括一頓自由餐)因此有意參加者可通過電郵:tonyyew@gmail.com報名,並通過其戶口(Yew Wei Keat,1-12080-24112-4,maybank)付款。






Merdeka Review: Press Coverage on BUM2008 Press Conference dated 10th April 2008



■日期/Apr 10, 2008 ■时间/04:35:54 pm
■新闻/家国风云 ■作者/本刊曾薛霏

【本刊曾薛霏撰述】“2008年部落客世界”(Bloggers' Universe Malaysia,BUM2008)筹委会与政策创议中心将于5月1日联办《迈向公民社会》(Towards A Civil Society)研讨会,讨论部落客在推动公民社会发展和营造论述的角色。

“2008年部落客世界”筹委会主席钟仁隆及政策创议中心(Centre for Policy Initiatives)主任林德义今早在雪州首邦市湖景俱乐部召开记者会,呼吁公众人士出席这场配合劳动节及世界新闻自由日的研讨会,并共商作为“第五权”(Fifth Estate)的部落客在扩张国内议论空间的角色。







他以去年由干净与公平选举联盟(Bersih,净选盟)号召的“万人诉求大游行”为例,主流媒体仅报道有四千人出席,但部落客和网络媒体的报道,只要贴上照片即可知道主流媒体所报道的仅是“部分的真相”(half truth)。

记者问部落客是否应公开其姓名,而不是匿名写部落格?林德义回答道,我国许多著名部落客如Rocky Bru(原名阿西鲁丁,Ahirudin Attan)、黄泉安、哈里斯依布拉欣(Haris Ibrahim)等都以真实姓名写部落格,没有匿名写部落格的问题。至于回应留言者是否应以真实姓名示人,应由当事人自行决定,无法强制,这与读者用笔名投书报章的情况相似。

钟仁隆的看法与林德义相似,不过他强调,部落客发表言论时必须小心,别惹上官非。最近《今日马来西亚》(Malaysia Today)编辑拉惹柏特拉(Raja Petra Kamaruddin)遭马来西亚北方大学校长诺丁卡迪(Nordin Kardi)起诉诽谤,必须赔偿马币400万元。

虽然这项活动乃由一群部落客自发举办,谈论的议题也以部落客为主,但是主办当局希望公众人士积极参与,将于5月1日下午三时在首邦市湖景俱乐部(Lake View Club)举行,共有两场座谈会及晚宴,报名费为马币50元,仅限120名额,先到先得,有意参加者可联络刘慧妹,电话:016-9764653。

两场座谈会分别请到国内知名部落客和学者主讲,第一场主题为《打造公民社会——多元声音》(Fostering Civil Society——Various Voices),主讲者是全国部落客联盟(National Alliance of Bloggers)主席阿西鲁丁(Rocky Bru)、前高等法院法官赛阿末依迪(Syed Ahmad Idid)、马来亚大学法学院讲师阿兹米沙隆姆(Azmi Sharom)、林德义及《票选大马》编辑洁珂琳(Jacqueline Ann Surin)。

第二场座谈会的主题为《第五权(部落客)促成改变的机构》(The Fifth Estate(Blogger) as Agency for Change),主讲者为黄泉安、士拉央国会议员梁自坚、人权律师哈里斯(Haris Ibrahim)、《当今大马》总编辑颜重庆及《太阳报》专题报道副编辑纳德斯瓦然(R.Nadeswaran)。


Rumour about lambs arriving at Warren Buffet's...

Table at the Lake View Club, the Venue for a Hap Event for Bloggers and Friends for 2008 cometh MAY the FIRST -- which is also a public holiday. That's the rumour that Desi heard when he bumped into buddy Sdr Chai Huat this morning before a Press Conference scheduled at 11AM.

Due to bum2007's tsunami of complaints (omitted for Civil Society promotion sake from -- including from Desi! -- that many participants missed a second helping of finger-lickin' gooder than KFC chicks, the first lamb reported for duty early at BUM2008.

The second lamb had gone for a walk with Mary, so if you people could track them down before 8.30pm May 1, I am sure the obedient lamb will ensure your AP is fulfilled. I know our house artist, MOB1900 (yes, the guy who explains why BUM is defined as BLOGGERS' UNIVERSE MALAYSIA FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, he adds), has captured the image of the lambs in their naked, roasted glory to whet thy APpetite! See the saliva-inducing draw up dare!

MOB SAYS: (en)JOY! repeatedly.

Back to business, I wish to state for the record YL and saudara TECK GHEE, director of CPI, arrived at the Press Conference room right on time i.e. at 10.30AM. I rehearsed a byte on what we would say to the MSM, which stands for mainstream media -- a term of endearment coined by Howsy, who's also rumoured to have come back from the US jest for the lamb! -- who later turned up in full force.

BUM2008 Organising Committee member Liew Hui Mei passed me the following list -- please don't pass on to the SpecialBrunch,okay! Welcome all, thanks for the writing which will appear tomorrow, I was promised! I may line up at the nearest SE7EN11 when the sun rises to retrieve 13 copies of theSUN:)


Press roll-call, who were cordially invited by CPI to come join the fun on May 1:)

1. Kwong Wah - Ms Lim Poh Hui

2. Sin Chew - Mr Tan Wei Tee + Photographer Mr. Teh Chin Hooi

3. The Sun - Joshua Foong

4. MerdekaReview - Ms. Chen Shaua Fui

5. Oriental Daily - Ms "Yay" Chang "Ia" Fen + Photographer Mr. Lim Swee Giok

6. The Star - Ms. Salina Khalid


WHY 13? Don't you know it's a lucky number?Some of you readers here are pretty slow, aren't you, not reading the Blogs!:)

As I do not wish to MIS-quote myself and/or Dr Lim, I am not penning a long report about the Press Con. Just a couple of lines:

Dr Lim said the influence and impact of Bloggers and civil socity action groups was telling in the recent GE2008, a fact belated acknowledged by BN leaders, right up,or down, to the Prime Minister. However, he stressed that like the Fourth Estate, which is represented by the MSM present, the alternative and new media, including Blogging, which constitute the Fifth Estate, are just instruments for channelling the news, information and points of view by the writers. IT IS THE MESSAGE/CONTENTS THAT TRULY MATTERS AT THE END OF THE DAY.

YL just stressed on one point, and that is there is no reason why the Fourth Estate members would not be able to engage with their younger brethren *Fifth Estaters meaningfully -- as there are more common grounds for both new and traditional media than there are differences. (*as Bloggers are termed thus in the United States which certainly leads the trend in tis new, still evolving media ...)

I would look silly reporting about what I said in case I committed any faux pax, so I refrained. I urge you wait for an UPDATE at the first dawn tomorrow when I will do a Cut&Paste, a skill I have mastered since taking to Blogging three years ago.

Meanwhile, I heard someone -- is he/she myGOoDfriend? -- whisper: "How about a third lamb for late-comers as some of us come from outstation like Ipoh and Miri?"

Give some people one inch, they want the 'hole barn yard!:) Signing off, Blogger's fave style, LOL! For starters, LOL is "laffing out loud", which taiko-Blogger-cum-MP Jeff 001 states loudly enought, although he's now resient in Penang, "It's still aloud!"

For some of the Speakers, try to recognise their "FACES" eh! If there is any
"mix-up", complain to webmaster Ms Helen Hoh of Ipoh, to whom I owe
barrels of Tehtarik for all the hard work to date.
The Bum-mers' party of the year ain't over until this Ipoh lady has finished singing, okay!

As for MOB1900 aka Chris Chew -- now chomping on the first leg! -- have you found Mary, nyet? Bloggers when hungry can be damn'd angry, and you do not want a riot at the Lake View!:)

Now that you hear the rumour has been confirmed to be well grounded -- as is wont of most rumours on blogosphere like what Raja Petra Kamarudin often spreads around -- sign up for BUM2008 before number 120 is taken.


And here are some of the FAMOUS people you will meet at BUM2008 on MAY the FIRST -- get their autographs, they will be worth a tidy sum by the time next BUM2009 cometh around! YL is a collector, he speaks with authority! ~~ Desi

  1. Sdr Ahiruddin Atan aka rockybru,

President, National Alliance of Bloggers

  1. Dato’ Syed Ahmad Idid,


  1. Dr Azmi Sharom,


  1. Dr Lim Teck Ghee
Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives

5. Sdri Jacqueline Ann Surin

Journalist6. Sdr Jeff Ooi, Blogger-MP

7. Sdr William Leong, Lawyer-MP8. Sdr Haris Ibrahim, Human Rights Advocate9. Sdr Steven Gan, Editor-in-chief,

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Remit RM50 per head to:

Yew Wei Keat 1-12080-24112-4 Maybank.

Then Email a note to, informing date of depositing in the payment; plus advising the name/s of person/s to be Registered. If need to contact Sdr Yew, tel: 012-2138257.

which is treated as the ENTRY PASS to BUM2008. See ya!