Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rumour about lambs arriving at Warren Buffet's...

Table at the Lake View Club, the Venue for a Hap Event for Bloggers and Friends for 2008 cometh MAY the FIRST -- which is also a public holiday. That's the rumour that Desi heard when he bumped into buddy Sdr Chai Huat this morning before a Press Conference scheduled at 11AM.

Due to bum2007's tsunami of complaints (omitted for Civil Society promotion sake from -- including from Desi! -- that many participants missed a second helping of finger-lickin' gooder than KFC chicks, the first lamb reported for duty early at BUM2008.

The second lamb had gone for a walk with Mary, so if you people could track them down before 8.30pm May 1, I am sure the obedient lamb will ensure your AP is fulfilled. I know our house artist, MOB1900 (yes, the guy who explains why BUM is defined as BLOGGERS' UNIVERSE MALAYSIA FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, he adds), has captured the image of the lambs in their naked, roasted glory to whet thy APpetite! See the saliva-inducing draw up dare!

MOB SAYS: (en)JOY! repeatedly.

Back to business, I wish to state for the record YL and saudara TECK GHEE, director of CPI, arrived at the Press Conference room right on time i.e. at 10.30AM. I rehearsed a byte on what we would say to the MSM, which stands for mainstream media -- a term of endearment coined by Howsy, who's also rumoured to have come back from the US jest for the lamb! -- who later turned up in full force.

BUM2008 Organising Committee member Liew Hui Mei passed me the following list -- please don't pass on to the SpecialBrunch,okay! Welcome all, thanks for the writing which will appear tomorrow, I was promised! I may line up at the nearest SE7EN11 when the sun rises to retrieve 13 copies of theSUN:)


Press roll-call, who were cordially invited by CPI to come join the fun on May 1:)

1. Kwong Wah - Ms Lim Poh Hui

2. Sin Chew - Mr Tan Wei Tee + Photographer Mr. Teh Chin Hooi

3. The Sun - Joshua Foong

4. MerdekaReview - Ms. Chen Shaua Fui

5. Oriental Daily - Ms "Yay" Chang "Ia" Fen + Photographer Mr. Lim Swee Giok

6. The Star - Ms. Salina Khalid


WHY 13? Don't you know it's a lucky number?Some of you readers here are pretty slow, aren't you, not reading the Blogs!:)

As I do not wish to MIS-quote myself and/or Dr Lim, I am not penning a long report about the Press Con. Just a couple of lines:

Dr Lim said the influence and impact of Bloggers and civil socity action groups was telling in the recent GE2008, a fact belated acknowledged by BN leaders, right up,or down, to the Prime Minister. However, he stressed that like the Fourth Estate, which is represented by the MSM present, the alternative and new media, including Blogging, which constitute the Fifth Estate, are just instruments for channelling the news, information and points of view by the writers. IT IS THE MESSAGE/CONTENTS THAT TRULY MATTERS AT THE END OF THE DAY.

YL just stressed on one point, and that is there is no reason why the Fourth Estate members would not be able to engage with their younger brethren *Fifth Estaters meaningfully -- as there are more common grounds for both new and traditional media than there are differences. (*as Bloggers are termed thus in the United States which certainly leads the trend in tis new, still evolving media ...)

I would look silly reporting about what I said in case I committed any faux pax, so I refrained. I urge you wait for an UPDATE at the first dawn tomorrow when I will do a Cut&Paste, a skill I have mastered since taking to Blogging three years ago.

Meanwhile, I heard someone -- is he/she myGOoDfriend? -- whisper: "How about a third lamb for late-comers as some of us come from outstation like Ipoh and Miri?"

Give some people one inch, they want the 'hole barn yard!:) Signing off, Blogger's fave style, LOL! For starters, LOL is "laffing out loud", which taiko-Blogger-cum-MP Jeff 001 states loudly enought, although he's now resient in Penang, "It's still aloud!"

For some of the Speakers, try to recognise their "FACES" eh! If there is any
"mix-up", complain to webmaster Ms Helen Hoh of Ipoh, to whom I owe
barrels of Tehtarik for all the hard work to date.
The Bum-mers' party of the year ain't over until this Ipoh lady has finished singing, okay!

As for MOB1900 aka Chris Chew -- now chomping on the first leg! -- have you found Mary, nyet? Bloggers when hungry can be damn'd angry, and you do not want a riot at the Lake View!:)

Now that you hear the rumour has been confirmed to be well grounded -- as is wont of most rumours on blogosphere like what Raja Petra Kamarudin often spreads around -- sign up for BUM2008 before number 120 is taken.

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