Monday, April 14, 2008

Payment & Registration

Remit RM50 per head to: Yew Wei Keat 1-12080-24112-4 Maybank.

Then Email a note to, informing date of depositing in the payment; plus advising the name/s of person/s to be Registered. If need to contact Sdr Yew, tel: 012-2138257.

On May 1, 2008 PLEASE BRING ALONG YOUR BANK RECEIPT which is treated as the ENTRY PASS to BUM2008. See ya!


the legend said...

good effort guys...

JeyapalanT.S.Mahesan said...

paid into Maybank, Bungsar Baru yesterday 15/04/08, @ 2.43pm,cash.
Name: Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan
Blog: jeyapalantsmahesan

C U May 1st.,


desiderata said...

the legend:
art thou bringing a legion of supporters? Max of 120 remember!:)
C U drae at Lake View, don'tdetour to the Croc Farm next door --risky! Chow!

desiderata said...

C U May 1st definitely unless Mary stopped Desi cos she finds her lambs are ligher and brighter than MY lamps:)