Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BUM2008 Achieves Full Attendance!

Theoretically speaking, according to our Treasurer, Sdr Tony Yew, with a s=mile so wide I could see it from Furong, some 70km from Petaling Jaya.

To convert theory to Reality Show, those 30-odd sign-ups who have pledged to pay, please turn up punctually at 2.15PM May 1 at the Lake View, to prevent palpitations rising in Tony's and Desi's hearts. Soft, not hard.

Theoretically, the magic number of 110 of Registrants was more than attained by about 10.00pm the day before D-Day which is May the First -- Labour Day, marking Bloggers' Universe Malaysia (BUM) 2008 Gathering at Lake View, Subang Jaya.

As Chair, Desiderata, knottyaSsusual, told a happy Tony Yew, whom I dubbed our MoneyMan to one caller who was numbered about 120, that he has led an A-teAm in accomplishing the Marketing Mission for BUM2008. "On behalf of all in awe, Syabas!"

Theoretically, the 10 or so late-signups, 24 hours after COB the day before Yesterady --hey, why are Malaysians such diehard addicts of being late, ah? -- might have to stand from 3.00pm to 8.30pm except for the Hi-Tea break and of course, when two lost lambs return to Warren Buffets' tabel to declare that dinner starts punctually at 8.30PM. I just bought a nu'e watch from Chee Cheong Kai, just testing the saiko market. Oops, Seiko! I don wanna the Japanese tycoons to sue the BUM2008 Organising Committee!

So to all comers -- Bloggers and non-, and Bloggers-to-be or not to be, that's the question, plagiarising The Bard -- ENJOY YOURSELF OKAY! Don't let any leg of the two lambs run away!

I did promise you won't regret signing on for BUM2008; after tomorrow, you would come back, like Oliver, or Olivia, asking for more. Or amore!:)

Thanks for the support, see ya very soon. I'm having FUN-d already, at thy expense;) -- Desi
12.42am, May the First, your day, my day, OUR day!

"DEAR ALL: Please send us the LINKS to any Posts you will write, I am sure, about this HAP Bloggers' Event of the Year. If any problem, email our Webmaster"


UPDATEd at Hi-Noon D-Day After!: TWO UPPERS and wan Downer!

UPPER1:)The Reality Attendance was a lusty 170, with 130 paying Guests which means VVVVVVVe exceeded our tArget by 20! Next year Rocky's A-teAm from ALL-BLOGS will have to look for a LARGER VENURE -- to cater for 300?

UPPER2: As I read theSun today, page 10, I was happily greAted by this news break. (At BUM2008 partee, I had shared with some MSM and non-MSM mates that I always enjoyed covering former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Love/like or hate him, he's colourful, fool of wit and byteing sarcasm, enough to rival RPK's (and of course, claiming greAtnurse by a(R)s(E)ociation, Desi's!)

Meet blogger
aka Dr M

PS: If you have to ask who this chedet is, please come toBUM2009, pay RM50+, ++ for tuition f(R)ee!


DOWNER wan!:(

Received this sms from fellow BUM2008 OC ANCIENT MARINER aka Capt Yusof Ahmad, member at 10.38AM, and I waited to post this ringing around for more information, but could not get much more, so be patient okay! Will update when we get substantive details!

"Latest development:
6 Policemen are
in Raja Petra's
house. Pls pass
the word!! (from
............(name of Blogger
wit'held until I get clearanz--Desi:).

Stay tuned ...


Cut&Paste from mGf sailing the Hi-Cs at

"Friday, 2 May 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin's six surprise vistors
Police at RPK's HouseSomething Stinks in the State of Malaysia.
Earlier this morning, the day following a very successful B. U. M. 2008 gathering which he attended with his charming wife, and spoke so eloquently, I receive news that Raja Petra Kamarudin has had six policemen visit his home, and that they had entered the premises, and as far as is known, are still there.Why they are there, and what their intentions are is not known, but surely it can not be a social call.What is happening may be slow to emerge, but will update as and when possible.Thus far there has been no news about this reported incident from any other sources.

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