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Bloggers Buzz at the BUM2008!

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Since Desi was dead-tired from running helter-skelter for past 24, here's mitigation for stealing one back from mGf Ahirudin Attan, also President of Interim Council of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs), drinking bir (rut ke?) dan tehtarik at, just one pint! :) ~~:)
Those who did not find time nor the dime to land at Lake View Yesterday -- when all Bummers' troubles seemed so far away -- YOU really missed the Hap Bloggers' Event of the Year! But, never mind, come to BUM2009; meanwhile, here is a Virtual journey back 24! ENJOY! ~~ Desi


The 4th estate has failed us? Politically-appointed editors to blame?

The role of the mainstream media (MSM) came under heavy scrutiny at the Bloggers' Universe Malaysia 2008 held for the second year in a row at the Lake View Club, Subang.

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Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament says the 4th Estate has failed the people and called on Malaysians to reclaim the integrity of the profession.

Citizen Nades defended journalists and blamed politically-appointed Editors and draconian Press laws for the failure of a big chunk of the
MSM in serving the people.

Zorro, Kee Tuan Chye, Jeyapelan Mahesan, and Desiderata, among others, spoke on the the issue.

Jeff Ooi took part in the conference via a pre-recorded video clip. Steven Gan could not make it but BUM 2008 had Nades and RPK.

I spoke of what the National Alliance of Bloggers was up to the last one year and of my fear that the New Media, bloggers in particular, may one day entertain self-censorship as a compromise with advertisers and Government. The 2pm-midnight event attracted some 200 bloggers, activists, journalists and politicians.

Desi and Zorro moderated the two sessions and they have both kindly agreed to plan for BUM 2009. (Rocky, Did I? Zorro, I did? Someone or me was high on rut bir! ~~ Desi) Syabas to Desi and Gang for another excellent party!

p.s. RTM, Bernama, the Star, Utusan, the (new!) Malay Mail and several other papers covered the event.

PS: Mine, desi's -- knot rocky's, as Chair of BUM2008 Organising Committee, I have delight in abusing my privileged position!) so that the following ONE-LINER can be used as evidence in any court of law only against desi, not rocky! ~~ As Chair, I invited the MSM to the Hap Event everyone, who just has one eye open, would agree that the Malaysian landscape, including in the mainstream media (MSM), has changed lots since March 8, 2008; hence, in accord with the spirit of BUM2007's theme, let's all "Engage and Embrace", whether you're in Fourth, or Fifth, or real or virtual Estate!


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