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Dedicated to Awe de Furogknights at Inaugural Anti-ISA Vigil

This is a light-hearted take-away (ta-pau) in lieu of knot accepting Des' tehtarik offers by all these awesome/full VIVACIOUS, VICTORIOUS and VVINSOME vigilantes at the special gathering in my hometown to show SOLIDARITY WITH RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN and ALL ISA DETAINEES.

"Des" instead of the usual Desi (Yes, I also don't mind accepting free teh-si at the chinoserie kopitiam!:) because my new found Seremban leadknight "V"igil ante-ISA Angela, the sixth Agent before Bond, James Bond, hitting you in the face so-ON in Quantum of Solace... says "si" rimes wit' an unfortunate Chinese sound meaning "die-lah"... and a Furongnitie doesn't argue with a fella bird chirping down at THE DATARAN SEREMBAN PARK lust night.

No wan died, off course, but many were doing TGIF's fellow shipping/sheeping-with
'TigerBirs smuggled from SUC? with our honoured guest Marina Lee Abdullah, the sparkling Pete's partner in representing him in absentia up to about 90% (Pete still holds the 10% AWOL in Kamunting ... Keep wellA!:)

Okay, start from the BEGINNING:


Desi was with brudder Kopi at LINGAM's CH, Paul Street, awaiting "no-show" guests to my offer of endless rounds of tehtari":(

I then arrived with Kopi at DSP at about 7.20PM; trained as a newshound, I had nver been "late" for any assignment except once -- I'll tell ye about that incident in detail from the head when you buy Desi brewed coffee at Lingam's (which earns Angela's SIRIM_seal of AP two days ago!:) and delicious kambing, after which you won't be going anywear.

Seated comfortably at a squareish walled pot holding a palm tree, I was watching the huge screen overlooking the Traffic lights selling, atop BN gomen propaganda-ganda wang anda, that Solace-y movie ...but I digress (to nudecomers to Blogsworld, it's a pitch I use to seduce 'em joining the Bwagon -- "digression" is one privilege a Blogger cab abuse to Hi- or Lo- heavens, who the hell careth?!)

After 5 minutes, this early bird spied another black bird taking a prime location at the next walled palm-tree pot. In bloggerspirit, I walked up to him, intro myself as YL-Desi (whispered so Angela and her cohorts at the SUC could not hear us:( and this CONverse followeth:

D: Hey brudder, dari mana u? PKR member ke?

B: Oh, I dari Port Dickson, siar-siar saja (This is my best recall, K! Please don't ask me to put up Errata...)

D: Bagusni, u datang jauh untuk support kandlelite virgil ... (Yes, I pronounced it with an "r" sound to Bahasa-Malaysia-sise da word so brudder and I can understand each other vely de wella...a li'l like "dalam kandungan sihat" greAting:)

B: Apa tu VIRgil? I ke sini strol saja. Makan angin (yes, there was a slight wind blowing'..) Habis kerja relaks sikit-sikit di park ini. (No, he didknot say Park-tou!--Des:)

D: (hiding his disAP that this brother did not come for the candlelight, but still, we enjoy the same moon and starlight).

Okay, nanti mari-lah jumpa rakan-rakan sama tuju perjuangan anti-ISA ... Khas sokong brudder Raja Petra wira negara kita.

(Des salam-ed him and without AP, extended B to join the kapitalistik crowd at SUC on be1/2 of agent oh-oh-ONE.:)

___________________________ ACT 2 ____________________________

A young gentleman skipped into my second lieutenant's and my fool view, and before 60seconds had passed, I thought I knew him for at least a week now. Yes, it's Angela's
sonny boy KENNY, who said he was following SunTzu's script by being the frontliner trooper to ensure the coast/park is clear and has enough space for us to light up a few hundred candles, blowing' in the Furong wind.

Kenny reported that the KL gangz escorting Marina and family, headed by Zorro, that inimitable cross between Banderos, so hand&legsome, and Sherlock, wit' piedpiper polutant in his rightcapitalistic hand, and the leftist one directing traffic to the square... This convoy from KL sined in at about 7.45PM. (See, I do time-keeping besides being a bookie at Midnight!:)

I told my buddie we would be happy to have soemthin' like 50-to-60 peeps, but the troopers began marching in after din-ning from 7.45PM, from Tampin, Port Dickson, and a wholesale family awe da way from SEPANG (dear buddy, Cut&Pasta, from a comment in da steal of the night:)

****Sukhihotu Uncle,
I am the man talking to you in Seremban last night.

By demon

I owe thee a kopi of that Midnight Voizes, just guft me your contact addie, I promise I wouldKNOT share wit' the SpecialBrunch!:(

Anyways, after 30 minutes, I counted and the final tally was 150. I would roster the names hear but I forgot the last one I exchanged greAtings with -- 149 I know, but even if ONE was amiss, it's bad manners, my late Mum told me, and as I said earlier, "...a Furongnitie doesn't argue with a fella bird chirping down at THE DATARAN SEREMBAN PARK lust night."


____________________________ ACT 3 _________________________

When I logged on again at 1.28AM, I am happy to read a comment from Mark&Co (are these guys/gals LAWYERS? Pretty and useful in these challenging times as I told Angela should the SB make any Midnight Calls, like hardworking doctors of the medical kind...:)

So reprising:

"1 comment(s):

O dear, Desiderata,
We arrived just about 8pm last night and were taken in absolute by the atmosphere and the warmed of everyone.

The rush from KL didn't help at all coz we were looking forward for the teh-tarik and meeting you in person.
Alas, perhaps next time?
Anyway, the gang had dinner only after 10pm but no ones complaining.

Well, its a good start for Seremban ya? surely, full credits must be for our energetic Angela.
Think we'll catch you this Sunday at PJ vigil then.

Good nite


By Mark&Co, at 12:45 AM "

Desi's heart was lofted and his age is now 365 younger to hear from AP gang -- I guess these are Y&As -- like "Sam KK and" Co who were early birds I tried to recruit for YouthSpeak assignments at and because they also were stalking Des&Co when we dis-missed or dis-mistered, as we are awe geat parctitioners of gender equality in Peyton Plavesque Seremban, which explains Angela's role!:) -- they warm my heART, bringing down the BP, which also maketh one younger. Believe me, Zorro is going from 51-to-50 as opposed Y&A johnleemk (whose nama came up in a con I had with one SEPANGknight****) going 17-to-71! because of mixing with these young'uns!:) That apostrophe stands for "g" as in G-string, and don't visualise girls by the PD beach! It's guitar s......! What were you Y&As thonking of ZorroDesi&Co?

Back from Digression, the night Vigil formally was called to order when Puan Marina was called on to update us on her beloved hubby, RPK, whom we always call Pete. There were Wakil Rakyat from DAP. PAS and PKR -- I don't know if there were annie from BN components, Angela assured Des she included all major political parties in her INVITES list; I hear the SB crashed the partee...starting at SUC at 6.00PM; maybe they heard about the capitalistic dishes served dare!:)

Wella, I menjemput-by-sweetpersuade YB Kamarul Baharin, PKR NS chairman and MP for Teluk Kemang to lend his tenor voice to help Des's pre-midnight voiz in leading those present in reciting an ODE TO SEPTEMBER, composed exactly 30days before. The poet-aSspirant practised memorisation of the verses; but the more he tried the worse it became, so we all chorused the lines by candlelight plus moonlight plus starlight.

Just an extract hear!

"We shall remember it's the kind of September ten years ago
Reformasi with thy comrades we sang our ode to freedom
In this season of goodwill
Among brothers and sisters above colour, creed and race
We will light the candle of peace
and seek the final release
From oppression of all human kind
Until everyone other chained by the Cruel one
Is release to the bosomy kiss of the Malaysian sun
and the embrace of tender September wind and showers
of blessing of love, charity and release
from all worldly bonds

Because you taught us to see the face of cruelty of Masters
of abuse, oppression and indulgence
Will one day be overcome by what is inherently Right
So well fought for by one dear to all we call Pete
One day soon, we will again celebrate

Till then, take care
Have faith, believe

On that hopeful note, stay the course
It's just adieu and not goodbye
Fighting alongside Marina to raise the bar
For freedom,justice and humanity
Above age and gender, colour, race and creed
There's no barrier too high
In our little hands lies NegaraKu's destiny
GOoD Night, GoOD health, GOD bless Thee.


PS: For another takeaway of fond memories, help thyself via brudder Bernard Khoo aka zorro-unmasked's tapau-rite



___________________________________ ACT 4 __________________________

This ACT was compulsorily added with a little help from my friend, blogging at:

About the First Lady of Anti-ISA!

"It’s impossible not to like her. She’s so down-to-earth, friendly and approachable. There are no airs about her. She doesn’t have any illusions of grandeur, having been thrust into the limelight these days. It’s incredible to note how she welcomes everyone with so much gratitude in her face. People stop in their tracks when they realize she’s present. She does not show tiredness and irritation as friends and strangers greet her throughout the vigil. People want to shake her hand, they want a picture taken with her, they want to say hello or just stand near her.

I watched her tonight as I did on the other two occasions; it struck me that she is very much like any First Lady displaying grace, charm, poise and energy. She holds her head up high. She pays attention to what people are saying. She doesn’t take for granted the support she receives..."

GOoDnight2:):) @2.29AM

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