Sunday, December 7, 2008

A wonderful morn to Thee

Especially to my Muslim friends who have performed the Haj; "SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI".

Last night I had a celebration of nostalgia with some close buddies -- and a re-discovered poet=buddy of mind must have "Desi" in mind/kind when he composed this, which I again lived up to my reputation that preceded me across SOUTH of the border bporrowing his intellectualism wit'out an AP!:) I know a buddy won't mind, poets naturally are kind, sort of.

So JOEpsc, Terima Kasih.
Tehtarik and Furong's bestA kambing awaits Thee at Lingam's -- Don't bring thy CJ!

So here's something borrowed from;
Go visit thy neighbour to read more of a fellow poet-asSpirant's hallowed ground.

Saturday, December 06, 2008



Abiding me through thick and thin,
A good companion you have been,
Profoundly you know me for years;
While I have aged but none the wiser,
Still fall like one enchanted lover.

Upon the tinkling of your bell,
Out ring your chants of haunting spell;
My eyes do mist with film of tears,
My mind is lured to somewhere yonder,
Where memories of old grow fonder.

You do inspire a hope and dream,
To slake my lust for days sublime;
A picture from the past you paint,
In it I still hear sound of scream,
Though some are lost in mists of time.

You leave me restlessly to crave,
For something somewhere in time gone by;
And this won’t pass to grant me rest,
But pesters on with every sigh –
Sad yearning beats hard in my chest.

You can’t hold long the days of old,
To let all mysteries be told,
That’s why I’m always back too soon,
When nothing there will make me flee,
A precious solace waits for me.

Events of past do come alive,
Familiar voices do revive;
Soft wind blows from the tranquil deep,
To whistle old songs in the trees;
And loved ones ever make eyes weep,
But soon they’ll fade with passing breeze.

Nostalgia ­­- sentimental longing,
Enduring every whim and fancy,
To heal a heart that’s ailing,
Fill mine with comfort to the brim!

Written by JOEPSC

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