Monday, March 9, 2009

I Have Been Serving Some TEAsers...4BUM2009:)


Monday, March 09, 2009

A 1,000 apOLOGIES for too much C&Pastrying...

But it's better to "borrow" some flowers of wisdom than display one's own vain attempt at clear thinking. I always strive to originate some pieces, but we all have our downtimes. Especially when one had to run around to do the "needful" playing diplomat, DAN cari-cari makan-makan, the former role I learnt about two decades ago. I wanted to test if that fine art of doing the cocktails circuit is still wit' Desi -- we will be able to tell when BUM2009 cometh around.

The latter role sees Desi supplementing a writer's mousey plain bread&butter wit' some Kaya!

Please keep Saturday, May 16, 2009 FREE >>> No, the Event -- some arrogant ones claim it's gonna be the Bloggers' Event of Da Year! -- is not free of charge, but vvvvvvve of BUM2009 Organising Committee will keep the Entrance charge as low as possible, like at BUM2008's RM50 per person. Of course, it's FREE for our esteemed speakers, and some VIP Guests who cometh with a small ***donation:) And that's where ***Desi's diplomatic skills cometh in BIG!:)

Doing some self-trumpeting, surf to: NOW! (OOoops, you are already hear!:) So meanwhile, while I hone my PR skills in more ways than one, please share this well writ piece for Rumination. I know many are R&R on this "holy"day, you can do more than Rest&Recreate! Mondaes are not blue when you put on your thinking cap. Even non-French.

Many streams lead to one river; many rivers lead to the Ocean, and Desi's humming UNCHAINED MELODY. I wonder if I'd meet that Lady in Red at the Butterfly Valley? If you do not understand even 30% of what's written so far, it's alright. You call on sisdar at -- she may oblige if you sing her praises; I get lots of past&PRESENTries from this sweet Ipohlang! And her significant other, John:):) That's the whole purpose of writHing a Blockedpost -- first and foremost, Entertain myself; if my ER are enterained, that's a BONUS! Hence, if thou art a non-Blogger, get on de BBandwagon, pronto!:)


The above has been a double Cut&Pastry from this lazy BUMmer's on kitchen, so if you wanna taste more, please get off thy BUM and surf to:

BN has its work cut out

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 – Yesterday marked the first anniversary of Malaysia’s historic 12th general election, when Malaysians voted in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in five states and denied the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority.

TEAser wan:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BUM2009 Making Headway to Starter's Blog!

ONE RECENT SUNDAY for lack of something more stimulating to ruminate on, Desi wrote:
TEAser Sundae Offering: BUM2009 in the making...
and something's brewing in SoPo Blogosphere so BIG you can rest assured BUM2009 will be fully booked a week or two before COB.

Meanwhile, a BUM2007 and BUM2008 star attraction makes interesting reading, published by a mainstream media paper, so who says without a doubt it's 100% justification to have MSM completely boycotted? And did you notice there is a SCHISM -- ah, Desi likes strange words! -- between once lovers in SoPo blogosphere?

Is there no room for ameliorated love affairs -- maybe Valentine can help shoot its Cupid's arrows at SoPo*Phere? (The * stands for Blogo ok!:( Questions, questions, questions: Ah, these are some of the issues to be taken up -- mayhaps -- at BUM2009; art thou kambing? I heard that Three lambs are following Mary around at the vicinity of the Lake View Club:::

********************** meanW'ILE, hear's aMore education! ******************

Home The Blogs The Corridors of Power

RPK takes on...everybody

IF YOU WANNA BY BEE-SYBODY some aMore...:) -- Desi, March 3, 2009

*********************************So on a kaypohish vein, on Tuesday March 3, 2009 -- which is Boycot MSM die, if you still remember! Me, I am wit' MORRIE aMore! --

Hear's to The Starter's Blog for BUM2009!

Rockybru, being All-Blogs Interim Council Prez, and I have agreed to lead in organising BUM2009, gathering a band of Bloggers in their intrepid individual capacities -- in association with the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) second time around.

Date: Saturday May 16, 2009 (Traditionally this Annual event is to be held -- in the minds of the Initiators -- in May as World Press Fredom Day falls in this poetic month, and desi has that bent!:)

Surf to and for the history...)

Venue: That Club in SJ somewhere where the lambs are roaming free and plenty until they land up at Warren Buffet's table, and Desi&Co aren't no vegans! Cyber hooligans to some ministerial minds, or vagabonds to others more poetic, and yet more likely "unemployed" writers, in some Menteri's eyes again! -- some even Jamesy mayhaps! --but all APs are cateredfor.

Organising Committee BUM2009: Most of the familiar faces in BUM2007 and BUM2008 OCs will be back --they aweways come back for more, like Oliver/Olivia twisties -- and as OC chairman, Desi has invited a few Blogger mateys to join the bandwagon to spread the weight around -- on a slimming diet, anyone?

Adieu PS: So dear ER, Stay tuned for MORE ON BUM2009, this coming Sundae, InsyaAllah!

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